Feb 23, 2013

85 inches Samsung S9000 LED UHD with 4 times Full HD

Able to show the most demanding content in Ultra HighDefinition i.e. 4k HD (4 times Full HD), the new  Samsung S9000 LED UHD comes with a 85-inch diagonal, equivalent to about 2 meters.

The giant TV in question will soon be on the European market at a list price of 40 000 euro, after making his debut for the first time in public at the CES 2013 as the largest TV lounge and finished the world.

85 inches Samsung S9000 LED UHD with 4 times Full HD in CES 2013

Therefore designed to be exhibited in the halls inside the most luxurious villas, the Samsung S9000 LED UHD is also equipped with a powerful integrated audio system 120W RMS can provide audio fidelity never seen before on a TV.

For those not satisfied, Samsung has officially announced a new model of TV with a diagonal of 110 inches even, equivalent to a length of 3 meters, and it remains to be seen, therefore, the official launch date on the market that, according to the rumors, will be the first summer.

Cushions with printed art

The cushions with printed art are not new, as we all know print quality fabric, it is possible since many years, but yesterday I discovered while searching cushions and pillows, a website / online store called Click for Art, selling various accessories for the home, and among them, also cushions with fabric printed with designs of a variety of artists and designers, mostly very happy, perfect for a youthful. The list includes some well-known artists as Jon Burgerman, designer wall paper Colour-in we saw in a previous post, and is open to new designers. Already participating artists in the UK, Europe, Brazil, USA, and Asia. It is an open door to the art. Among the artistic styles they used are urban art, graffiti art, the art of scribbling or doodling, illustrations, digital art, graphic art, figurative art and modern art.

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