Apr 30, 2012

Limited Edition Nike Dunks Indulgences

The Nike Dunk has always been regarded as a symbol of individual expression, and the shoes are more choices to players, skaters, and collectors.

For this very important to their talent, the designer Kenneth Courtney decided to bring his own individuality of this specific model, interpreting them in a very flashy and flamboyant.

That’s how she took the form of limited edition Nike Dunks Indulgences, proposed in a limited edition of only 5 specimens, all covered with a thin patina of 24 karat gold.

As can be perceived by looking at the picture above, you will not run it over the foot certainly a risk of going unnoticed, those who love discretion, then, will probably prefer to make other choices.

The price of the new Limited Edition of Nike Dunks Indulgences is on request. For more information and to order, just go to gnr8 dot biz.

Apr 21, 2012

Rolex Day-Date II 2012

Among the new home of Rolex presented at Baselworld 2012, Rolex Day-Date II 2012was also present at this spectacular work of Haute Horlogerie, which has captured the public's attention due to its elegance.

This timepiece, as you might guess from the pictures, comes with a 41 mm case made ​​entirely of 18 carat yellow gold, just as it appeared in its first release in 1956, when its name was only Day-Date.

The dial comes with sunray finish with 8 and hour markers, highlighted by baguette-cut diamonds and two rubies, all set in a gold frame. On the lunette of the Rolex Day-Date II, have also been embedded further 80 diamonds all baguette.

Mercedes Concept Style Coupe

The prestigious car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, has just removed the veil of the new Mercedes Concept Style Coupé, everything, occurred during an event held in Los Angeles by the mark, where were present a very narrow circle of users.

As revealed, this spectacular concept, is to anticipate the next lines of the Mercedes CLA, which will be presented in 2013.

At first glance, you see the sleek, sporty car, able to focus the attention of users on the front and rear, thanks to its well-rounded.

Most experts will notice that the Concept Style Coupe, follows very much the lines seen in some projects Gorden Wagener, head of the center of style and design of Mercedes, in fact, described the design of this car, which shows a looks nothing short of futuristic and unconventional.

Land Rover Defender Wood by Vilner: interior dream!

The mighty Land Rover Defender, once again comes into the hands of the prestigious tuner Vilner, to show even more original and unconventional, making it suitable to make the joy of some rapper or American football player.

With this new customization, what stands out above all is the interior, as you might guess from the title of the article also, which show up with a unique elegance and unique to other four-wheeled vehicles that do not have the same huge room for interior of the passenger.

The new luxury iPhone of Golden Dreams

Golden Dreams, a prestigious brand in Geneva, while the public is pending the iPhone 5, presented the new custom of iPhone 4S nothing short of remarkable.

The luxury iPhone baked by Golden Dreams are well 5 different models, among which version Desert Edition, the Gold Edition and Full Diamond Edition.

The most luxurious, is certainly the latter, characterized by the presence of more than 4,000 diamonds hand set on its surface by a talented Swiss jeweler; the Full Diamond has a base cost of over $ 107 thousand, but the possibility of further customizations ago raise the price sky high. The base of the iPhone, in fact, may be in either a gold, rhodium or black chrome, with the addition of other gemstones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

More affordable version instead Desert Edition, with body, genuine leather alligator for $ 2,350 and $ 2,500 for the Gold Edition: As you might guess, it comes with a body made entirely of gold.

For more information and to purchase, simply visit goldendreams.ch

Mercedes-Benz: a new collection of luxurious furniture

2012 edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, among the many that stand will also feature the prestigious Mercedes-Benz, which this year has decided to start dancing with a new collection of luxurious furniture.

Although it sounds strange, now that you are accustomed to associate only Mercedes-Benz cars, is certainly not the first time the prestigious shows in the classroom furniture industry's most prestigious, with creations that are inspired by the course technical solutions used in cars of the house.

The goal of the new collection of home Mercedes-Benz, is to show users a timeless elegance, with tables, chairs, media stands, beds and sofas, as mentioned above strongly inspired by automotive design.

The prices of the collection, however, will be revealed only in the month of October, when the product will be launched on the market.

Apr 17, 2012

The prestigious German tuner Kicherer has just unveiled its kit dedicated to the latest generation of SUVs Mercedes-Benz ML home.

This wide-body kit is called Impact and presents an elaboration of great aesthetic impact, capable of attracting the attention of all lovers of good sportsmanship.

New front and rear fascias, side skirts and wheel arch extensions to accommodate the huge alloy wheels 22-inch polished, there are pear LED light kit and lowered suspension, which give it so aggressively.

For now, yet they must have released images of the passenger, but the tuner provides the whole Nappa and Alcantara interior, enhanced with special trim and carbon fiber.

Kicherer Impact of the new kit will be on the market in the summer and will not bring any changes to propulsion; still no pricing information.

The New Gold plated iPad debuts in Dubai

The prestigious luxury goods company Gold and Co London, today launched a personalization of the New iPad (identified by users as iPad 3), completely plated in 24 carat gold.

This golden version of Apple’s new tablet, recently launched on the market from home, are scheduled only 250 copies, which will be delivered to buyers in an exclusive fine wooden box.

The iPad 3 gold plated saw its debut in Dubai and, as stated, will serve to thirsty the desire of distinction of the rich inhabitants of the Emirate.

The price of this personalization of Gold and Co of London is well $4559, the tablet coated with gold metal will be available at all Damas outlets. The good news is that a large portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

The Rolls Royce Hyperion on sale in Abu Dhabi

The historic Rolls Royce Hyperion has just been launched for sale in a well-known dealer located in Abu Dhabi.

The price is confidential, but it certainly speaks to nine digits of zeros. Recall that the Rolls Royce Hyperion is a unique, original design and very distinctive from other models in the prestigious British carmaker.

For what concerns the propulsion, mounts a powerful V12 6.75 liter, capable of delivering 453 horsepower maximum.

IKEA furniture outdoor spring summer 2012

IKEA is always innovating and approaching new options for decorating furniture, mood and organize every room in the house. On this occasion, to mark the arrival of the season spring summer 2012, it presents its collection of outdoor furniture, ideal for gardens, terraces or patios. 

As you can see the proposals that bring in the new catalog is characterized by being simple and be focused mostly on wood furniture. Of course, not everyone is in this material, but may find some cheaper plastic or light metal. 

Dream villa in Texas from USD 3.2 million

Compared to luxury villas you saw in previous posts, this Texas home is relatively inexpensive, yet retains all the charm and comforts of a villa of great quality.

Located nearly in Boerne, stands in the landscape for its architectural features and exceptional to say the least able to stand the sight of the most careful design.

The living area is 617 square meters, containing 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, kitchen and a large number of areas equipped for leisure and relaxation. Outer space, however, includes an area of 26 acres of land, which takes the form of a spectacular swimming pool surrounded by lovely fountains and greenery more charming.

Apr 12, 2012

Chopard Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono Speed ​​Silver

Presented during the event, Baselworld 2012, the chronograph Mille Miglia GT XL Chrono Speed ​​Silver is added to the collection of Racing Colours house Chopard, designed the house to pay homage to the historic race cars made ​​in Italy.

For this new work they have chosen a silver dial, whose colors are modeled on those used in race cars that participated in the international motor racing until the late 60.

Very Nice pictures of Dodge Viper SRT 2012

At the Salon of New York, Dodge SRT has removed the veil to the next generation Viper, historical extreme sports Made in USA.

As you can see from the photos, you have not reviewed any upheaval: the line stays true to the tradition of the model, very curvy and innate desire to show the extreme sportiness of the car.

Unlike aesthetics, however, inside there was a real leap in quality with the use of technological materials and a very significant assembly: what stands out is the new entertainment system embedded in the dashboard, with a screen 7 and Sabelt sports seats upholstered in red leather.

Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Wooden Version

Are you a collector of classic cars and would like to have in your garage a historic Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing? No fear, because you all thought for a German craftsman of Duisberg, Germany, creating the incredible full-scale wooden replica.

What you see in the picture, in fact, is a wooden reconstruction of the historic German car, faithfully reproduced in every detail with precision nothing short of impressive.

Looking at the work, in fact, it was immediately enthralled by its quality, capable of attracting the attention of the most demanding playback thanks to the internal elements, including the dashboard, seats and dashboard.

What is particularly fascinating, however, are the gullwing doors, which are a real treat for fans.

This beautiful replica is already sold on eBay at a price reserved and is not yet known whether it will be produced other.

The USB stick signed by the luxury Maison Shawish

The Maison Shawish, known for his creation of the ring entirely of diamonds, has just introduced a new line of jewelry is truly original, precious and high technological essence.

We speak of collection of Magic Mushroom USB Key, which looks like a line of USB drives and are unique in the world, characterized by a particular shape to mushroom. The Magic Mushroom USB Key feature of a number of precious stones on their surface, which change depending the variant.

Each variant can carry diamonds, sapphires and rubies, with different colors and shades that make them particularly bright. As for memory storage, the Magic Mushroom USB Key has a space of 32 GB.

Still no information on the price.

Apr 7, 2012

Rolex Yacht-Master 2012 with modern technology

Having already spoken a few days ago the new works of fine watchmaking introductions at Baselworld 2012 from home Rolex, here’s another one that certainly beats all others in terms of comfort and sportiness.


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The Yacht-Master, presented for the first time from home Rolex in 1992, has always been designed for use in sports, unlike the Yacht-Master II introduced last year, which has some features like the countdown, which is essential during the regattas.

This new Yacht-Master thus provides updates with the movement that is on the aesthetic side, always ensuring pinpoint accuracy and a good compromise between comfort and sportiness, as before mentioned.

Pictures of luxury watch:

Gold Rolex watch of First President of India in auction

As for updates, especially one starts from a new concept of bidirectional rotation of the ring now, in fact, is based on a toothed wheel to 120 positions and a spring triangle, offering a pair of constant rotation in both directions rotator. The ring is made ​​entirely of platinum 950, with polished embossed numbers and graduations on a frosted background.

Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 by DMC with Ski Box

After talking a few days ago the Audi R8 PPI Razor and freestyle skier Jon Olsson, here are another work in his car in this prestigious collection of sports cars.

This customization of the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, however, goes back a few years ago, when the athlete decided to entrust his Safe Car to the study DMC and above the original asking a customization that could be useful for his trips.

On the roof of the Gallardo, in fact, as you might guess from the title also, there is a special ski box approved for travel up to speeds of 250 km/h, what distinguishes the specimen from the others, though, is his painting, characterized by special aerografie pseudo-military, able to make it somewhat exclusive.

No change for what concerns the propulsion and the mechanical.

Breitling Bentley Supersports

The prestigious event, Baselworld 2012, has seen the house of luxury watches Breitling take the field with 3 new limited editions of the chronograph Bentley Supersports, cascuna produced only 1,000 copies.

How many watch enthusiasts know, the Breitling Bentley Supersports home appeared for the first time in 2010, posing as the chronograph as an ideal blend for lovers of luxury cars and of high-end timepieces.

The dial is inspired by the fact the car dashboard, with a very marked contrast, defined by the rings, and this, of course, varies depending on the version, since the Breitling Bentley Supersports is available in blue, white and orange.

This chronograph, as you might guess, is presented as a homage to the most extreme car home Bentley Continental Supersports, which are inspired by its forms and its stylistic details.

Audi R8 PPI Razor

The sports car in the picture is regarded as the customization of the Audi R8 most extreme ever seen over the years.

The idea was born when the famous freestyle skier Jon Olsson, he decided to make his only sport Audi R8, entrusting it to the specialists of PPI. Just like the other cars in its possession, it could not come out a personalized original and exclusive, that makes his work unique automobile.

The extreme sport of the four rings he wore an entire suit as carbon, can make it overwhelmingly aggressive at the sight. Thanks to the complete repainting of the circles and colored lights, complete with the addition of skirts and vents increased.

For what concerns the propulsion, the V10 from 5.2 liters, capable of delivering the power of 525 hp and a maximum torque of 530 Nm, can now reach the maximum speed of 335 km/h against the 316 of the base; also acceleration is increased from 3.9 seconds to 3.2 seconds for 0-100 km/h. This is due to its significant relief through the use of carbon fiber.

Below, here are some more photos of the aggressive Audi R8 PPI Razor which, as you might guess, will be one.

Apr 1, 2012

Audi ABT QS3: Q3 puts the muscles!

The German tuner ABT reveals the first images of QS3, modified version of the trendy Audi Q3, which looks like an extreme from all points of view.

At a glance it looks like a muscle car, given its aggressive aesthetic preparation: the front grille and larger air intakes at the front bumper incorporating fog lights, make QS3 a sport outside the box.

The only point that captures the elegance of the car manufacturer has given by the side, but made ​​more evident by the presence of striking 21-inch alloy wheels, wheel with performance tires. Depending on requirements, it may also require smaller circles 18, 19 or 20 inches.

In the back of QS3, there is a great puller, which incorporates an exhaust with 4 outputs, designed so as not to pass unnoticed. What makes the difference on the road, however, are the changes to the engine: the tuning was done on both the 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo-diesel and turbo-petrol: the first, the car goes from 177 to 205 horses, while on the second car reaches the maximum output of 270 horsepower, compared to the 211 series.

To better adhere to the ground, there is also a new order characterized by lowered springs Adjustable height: for the most demanding, it is also a new brake system, consisting of front discs 345/30 mm and specific painted calipers with logo ABT in sight.

Below, here are some pictures of the new ABT QS3:

The Ferrari 458 Italy of American actress Kim Kardashian

And so, after having acquired a few months ago, the beautiful American actress, Kim Kardashian has allowed some reporters to be immortalized in her new Ferrari 458 Italy in white paint.

The actress is a well known for her passion of sports cars and luxury of the fact, so much so that over the years we have seen aboard many custom-built and very prestigious racing cars.

In the video below, you can admire it from many angles, so as to savor every detail of the beautiful car “coaches” made ​​in Italy’s Prancing Horse. We would remind you, the charming Kim, in her garage also has a Ferrari F430, a Bentley Continental GT and a Rolls Royce Ghost.

Floating Cinema in Thailand

Although you have seen in many works with uncommon trends, there is always something ready to impress in terms of luxury ideas.

On this occasion, we speak of an idea to say the least innovative and very interesting for all the lucky owners of yachts and boats: a film floating on a platform built in the sea. The idea comes to us from Thailand, where the new open complex was built for the new film festival Film on the Rocks Yao Noi.

The pictures of this project are currently on the web depopulated; is known as Archipelago Cinema and is located in the sea that washes Thailand, in a bay sheltered by towering cliffs and lush plants.

For the final evening of the event, all guests will be coming down to the boat and great platform to enjoy a projected lifetime of about 1 hour, the platform was designed by architect Ole Scheeren Beijing.

The cinema, as stated, was built entirely from recycled materials, its building block, allowing maximum flexibility for future use on other occasions.

Below, here are some more pictures of this spectacular film floating in Thailand:

Maserati: the first photos of the dealership in Tel Aviv

After many requests from its customers, Maserati arrives with his new store in Tel Aviv, which is ranked as the 65th market in the world for the home of the Trident.

The name of the new dealership in Israel is Auto Israel Italy, this large store is located in the financial heart of the city of Tel Aviv, a few steps from the famous Ayalon Highway.

The total exhibition area of ​​2,000 square meters, inside there is also a specialized service center will soon rise a Maserati and Italian coffee, to the delight of the guests during the wait.

Below, here are the first pictures taken at the new center of Tel Aviv Maserati:

Here’s the Real Madrid Island Resort in the UAE (VIDEO)

Spectacular to say the least, the new Real Madrid Island Resort will be the massive new complex for all the fans and fans of Real Madrid, now regarded as one of the richest football club in the world with record sales.

The new luxury resort will be built in the UAE, just minutes from Dubai Airport, just on the island of Al Marjan.

For the project, Florentino Perez, president of the blancos, did not hesitate to invest about $ 1 billion, in collaboration with the investment fund Rak Marjan Island Football and with the consent of the wealthy Sheikh Saud Saqr Al Qassimi.

For the new and spectacular Real Madrid Resort Island are the work already underway, will occupy an area of ​​12 acres and will house every imaginable kind of attraction to whet the curiosity of the fans as well as a super-technological museum dedicated to the team, stadium from 10 000 places on the sea where you can watch the games in the hologram, soccer fields and some sports facilities, there will be a harbor boat that will take the form of the symbol of the Real, along with an exclusive yacht club.

As for the reception of guests, all illustrated in the video below, which will show you many other spectacular features of the Real Madrid Island Resort:

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