Mar 24, 2012

Tushek Renovatio T500

Renovatio T500 is the latest supercar craft came from Slovenia, produced by Tushek Supercars. This shows an extreme sports car look very aggressive and unconventional, with 19-inch wheels, side doors open with scissors, removable roof and a dramatic rear wing.

Its workhorse is the weight, which in this case slightly exceeds the ton with a total of 1333 kg, and this particular feature is obtained through the use of high technology materials, such as carbon fiber, the  chrome steel and the molybdenum, the latter used for the whole frame.

Lizzardo Castle: A castle in Gold and Diamonds

You know those fairy-tale castles? The ones where, in the stories, principles come to kidnap their princesses, armed with sword and ready to defeat all evil? Well, in this article we talk about just one of those.

The new Castle Lizzardo is a work of architecture that really wants to depict a fairytale castle, that was exposed within the Lizzardo Museum of Lapidary Art in Elmhurst, Illinois, commissioned in memory of the founder of the museum, whose life is extinguished at an early age.

Castel Lizzardo bears the signature of Goldsmith William Tolliday of Garrard & Co, well known jeweler of the British crown until 2007. The miniature castle is sculpted in red gold, yellow and white, adorned with a large number of diamonds of various sizes which tend to glisten the whole work.

For now it is not for sale, but according to the findings by the experts, it might be mind-boggling figures more than 9 trailing zeros.

Harrods: Famous giant television by Panasonic

Thursday 22 March, was opened in Harrods Department Store the new division dedicated to technology, luxury , already regarded as one of a kind.

Harrods, in fact, be distinguished in this industry, marketing products more unique and rare and especially with very high prices, poor access to a wide audience and dedicated purely to an audience of high-end.

Among the many products, in fact, there is also the famous giant television by Panasonic at CES 2010, the size of 152 inches with the resolution 4K2K phantasmagoric, 600 kg and an amazing price equal to 600,000 pounds, equivalent to about 1 million U.S. dollars.

The new department dedicated to the technology of Harrods Department Store , comes with a surface of 20,000 square meters of exhibition and an exhibition of great impact, specifically designed to intrigue lovers of technology.

In place of the cards with the features of the iPad will be there, just like in the Apple Store, with lots of devices exposed to the test and authorized technicians who will explain in detail the characteristics of each product listed in the store.

In the photo above, you can see the huge TV from $ 1 million exposed in the new department, with lots of seats to entertain clients and Panasonic engineers are ready to show every detail of this prestigious product technology.

The Jaguar Lounge: a new fashion for billionaires

Not only a luxury car, but a real piece of furniture of high design, the original line, though not quite in step with the times.

We talk about the new Jaguar Library, designed by the designers of the study of Dutch architecture, Denieuwegeneratie, a vintage Jaguar, deprived of all its mechanical components and the wall.

A veritable library ecological, where the books take the place that people first took to sit, of course, brand new upholstery and with the addition of some shelves for perfect support.

The designer who created this piece of expensive furniture, however, have revealed that this could also be seen as a way for car collectors to have in the house if your favorite sports car, perhaps making it also useful to beautify house and create a truly very special.
For more information and for the price, reserved only interested, you can visit denieuwegeneratie’s website.

Mar 22, 2012

New official pictures of Lexus LF-LC

The Lexus LF-LC, a concept conceived by the brand to anticipate the future design of the models of the Japanese automaker, has been unveiled in Europe for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show 2012.

Of late, however, Lexus has released new official photos of new work by car futuristic lines, comes with a sleek, sporty and technical solutions that can attract even the most demanding of drivers with a basic style, but at the same time elegant and welcoming.

Diamond Laptop Sleeve: most expensive Notebook Case of the world

The Dutch company known CoverBee has recently launched a product really unusual and quite mad in some aspects, especially under that of price.

It is the new Diamond Laptop Sleeve, a notebook sleeve in a few words only to the world and not just speak of the beauty line. This new case, in fact, is characterized by the presence of well 8,800 diamonds encrusted on the surface, however, made ​​from a precious black sable coming straight from Siberia. For animal lovers, CoverBee CEO, Peter van Soldt says that for the latter were used only sables died of natural causes.

As you might guess from the article, the cost is quite remarkable and very few lucky, they speak of a price of $ 11 million or more than any genuine technological gizmo with the most sophisticated part of existing hardware currently.

For those who want to buy this cover, can request additional information on coverbee dot com.

Dream villa in Ibiza with 4 million

This lovely dream villa in modern style, situated on the mountain of San Agustin, Ibiza, Spain, where it enjoys a truly breathtaking panorama that will delight the mind of the beholder.

The entire structure is proposed with a view exotic taste, which can reflect the hectic life of the area in which it is located, inside, the layout is carefully recalling the sublime atmosphere of the outdoors, composed of light in each corner and a few dead spots, so as to promote the welfare of guests.

The total area of the dwelling is 670 square meters, distributed on multiple levels and with large rooms dedicated to the social life. The villa also included a fitness room. In total there are 8 bedrooms with ensuite facilities.

Outside, as you can see from the pictures, the space is enhanced by the large pool, whose waters are reflected in the beautiful geometry of the villa, in the majority characterized by large windows.

The price of this dream villa, currently for sale on jameslist, is 4 million euros.

Mar 21, 2012

The gold can also smoke: DM 2 Gold Torpedo cigars in 24 carats!

The application of gold, over the years, we have seen on any object, even in food, since, with the right process, the gold can become even edible.

The fact is, that no one had ever even dreamed of being able to smoke, thanks to Daniel Marshall and his new cigar DM 2 Gold Torpedo, all this is possible today. It is actually a cigar wrapped in sheets of 24 carat gold, which, since its presentation, has attracted the attention of fans not only for its particular form, but also for its taste, according to the experts, 80% comes from its high-quality outer packaging.

Mar 18, 2012

Rolex 2012: here is all proposed new house Rolex

Immediately after the close of Baselworld 2012, here is a list of all the proposed new Rolex house this year.

The new Rolex watches at home were presented to the public taking into account 3 points of reference: the innovation, represented with the Sky-Dweller mentioned a few days ago, the evolution, interpreted by the new Submariner, Yacht last -Master and the Datejust II and finally the creativity that has given much satisfaction with the presentation of many watches as the Cosmograph Daytona, the Datejust, Lady Datejust the 31, the Lady-Datejust, Day-Date and Day-Date II.

Gold Rolex watch of First President of India in auction

The belt-watch by Bless - Gadgets ATZ

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Mercedes C250 Sport (VIDEO)

After being presented to the public at the last Geneva Motor Show, the prestigious car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz released an official video of the new Mercedes E-Class C250 Sport.

The new models C250 and C250 CDI Sport, presenting with a profoundly dynamic style, can be interpreted both sporty and elegant, leaving the definition of driving pleasure offered by the new propulsion system.

In addition to the adaptation of the package AMG Sport Plus, the car comes with many improvements due from workforce of technicians Affalterbach, who made ​​a car ready to challenge the perfection in safety and road holding.

Gold Toilet and Jacuzzi clear: the new trend of luxury yachts

From the event Dubai International Boat Show 2012, there comes this unusual news about the latest trends in furnishings for luxury yachts, such as to meet the needs of ever more billionaires and Scrooge.

For the toilet in gold, to be honest, it’s not a great taste, but with a certain extravagance, which pushes the wealthy for years to customize each object type with the addition of metallic gold, as indeed you already seen with the car covered with gold held by a large number of Arab sheikhs.

Christiana Yacht Concept

The Christiana Yacht Concept is a new project by the young designers Hyun-Seok Kim, who over the years has always been noted for its unique concept of ideas.

This new luxury yacht comes with modern geometric lines, able to field a craft of great quality, can satisfy even the most demanding owners.

The Christiana Yacht Concept is just 13 meters long but it aims to be one of the most gifted of its class with luxurious furnishings and modern technical solutions. It remains to be seen whether this wonderful concept will soon see the light.

Mar 15, 2012

The most valuable dog collar in the world

I Love Dog Diamdonds, this is the name of the company specialized in the production of accessories for dogs, who has created a new line of dog collars to fit the most demanding and wealthy.

The new collection, in fact, boasts the presence of very precious pieces, including a collar that was already defined as the most precious of the world. The collar in question is characterized by the presence of more than 1,600 diamonds worth 52 carats in total and a price of no less than $ 3.2 million.

To not want to overdo it so much, though, there are also collars base price starting at $ 150000, which allow customizing in every detail and require a lead time of 6 weeks.

Video of Lamborghini Gallardo of Chris Brown

The video below shows us the output from the local Tru Hollywood Nightclub's famous rapper Chris Brwon with members of his entourage, following him in Porsche, Rolls Royce and Range Rover.

Mar 7, 2012

Bliss: the bracelet customized for Women’s Day

March 8th is near and it is time to think about the gift to be received or to be done and that is why, Bliss has launched a new charm bracelet that can adapt to the needs of every woman.

The bracelet in question is entirely in sterling silver and is customizable depending on the person to wear it, you can insert gems and stones of all kinds, written letters and even pendants of any shape you want.

As revealed by Bliss, this bracelet is a real jewel, the combination of different elements, can tell a story about the person to whom it is bestowed.

For more information and to purchase this new bracelet, just go here.

The application for iPad most expensive in the world for David Cameron

The technology, nowadays, has a key role in almost every work and, increasingly, is also catching on the use of tablets, smartphones and other devices that have a high speed internet connection.

In this regard, the British Prime Minister David Cameron, created an application for the iPad more expensive in the world.

With this app, its iPad will keep an eye on all the data they want and that are essential to his office, taking its decisions without even leaving home, since it’s all at your fingertips.

The application he submitted to a group of developers, will be delivered in the coming months, its realization has prompted a cost of 20 000 pounds, entering immediately into first place in the standings as the iPad application more expensive in the world.

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