Jan 31, 2012

Rihanna buys a portrait of Marilyn Monroe with 65,000 Swarovski crystals

The artist Claire Milner, commissioned by the singer Rihanna, has created a large portrait of Marilyn Monroe with Swarovski crystals, which changes color depending on the degree of light.

The work has a square shape with sides of 1.5 meters and boasts the presence of 65,000 Swarovski crystals, all hand set by the talented artist.

The portrait has cost well 4 months of work to Claire Milner and will be hung in the Rihanna mansion in Los Angeles. It has not yet been revealed how all this cost to the star, but from the numbers listed above it can be mind-boggling to imagine.

Rihanna said that Marilyn has always been his idol, and that's why his figure must be placed prominently in his house.

The luxury yacht of Onassis in London

The Christina O, an impressive luxury yacht belonged to Aristotle Onassis, was spotted in the South Quay, London.

The great ship, owned by John Paul Papanicolaou since 1999, has remained anchored for several days in that area, where she was photographed again and made the rounds of the media.

The specimen is rich in history, because it belonged to many people of great value, as Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra.

For now, you do not yet know the reason for his visit and for how long remain anchored in the area, the fact is, that the Christina O is always a beauty capable of attracting the attention of anyone who might notice it.

A wonderful hotel La Mamounia

For those who want to spend their Valentine's Day as a day dream along with his beloved, now we speak of the elegant resort La Mamounia.

It is a luxury hotel located in Marrakech, in Morocco, it has decided to offer attractive packages for lovers on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

The package includes two nights in double room, airport transfer to Jaguar, breakfast and buffet on the pool, a helicopter tour for two and a full body massage for 45 minutes.

The package, titled "Valentine's Experience", you can also customize by adding other options to suit your needs.

The price for each pair starts at 2,500 euros and can be booked until 20 February.

For more information, just visit the site mamounia.com

Gucci new handbag luxury leather Metallic

The prestigious fashion house Gucci, delights its wealthy customers by signing this small size new luxury handbag.
This new bag comes in champagne metallic leather with antique brass details and particulars and suede lining.

Its look is very pleasant, able to issue notes under the happy sentimental to complete the picture we think the elegant shoulder strap, much appreciated by all women who like to be more fascinating.

Included in the collection "Gucci 1973", this bag is intended to be an alternative for those who did not like the Gucci collection for Valentine's Day, you can already find in the boutique of the brand at a price of 595 euros.

Okeanos Aquascaping, a swimming pool to swim with sharks

Maybe you could imagine in your wildest dreams, but a work of this kind certainly no one has ever seen until now.
Only this can explain the success of this huge pool / aquarium created by Okeanos Aquascaping, a company in New York specializing in the design of water features and aquariums.

This pool comes in fact as an aquarium for sharks, but its size is such as to give the opportunity of being able to dive in and enjoy a swim among the sharks.
Obviously, however, this choice in a home can be made ​​only by the wealthy, as the price of this work is approximately $ 11 million, including sharks.
The pool in question is also available to order and customizable in all its dimensions, the house said that it may take up to 5 months to build it on site.

Jan 29, 2012

BMW Tandem, halfway between a car and a motorcycle

Italian designer Simone Madella is a true motorcycle enthusiast and continues to present original concepts. He recently unveiled his new creation. This is a vehicle halfway between a car and a motorcycle named: Tandem.

Tandem is a hybrid concept devised for the firm Germanic BMW. Externally, it has a compact cockpit covered by a large glass and supported by four-wheel motorcycle. It has two seats mounted one behind the other, hence the name. The BMW Tandem features a 193 horsepower engine, the same as the S1000RR supersport motorcycle. The vehicle also displays a sporty and modern design. His cabin was made slightly to maximize the performance of the machine. With his pace, BMW Tandem seems to have been designed for extreme sports.

The designer has also equipped the vehicle with two chains to the rear wheels, which is not common among BMW.

Floating Phone, a smartphone screen modular

For the future, a group of seven Chinese designers came up with a concept detonating cell phone. Named Floating Phone, the device has a touch interface that can react physically with the fingers of the user.

Floating Phone is a concept mobile phone ultra futuristic. Full touch, it uses sophisticated technologies still under development at present. The laptop has an electronic ink display and a color screen capable of floating arise buttons and forms palpable. In other words, the screen is not static but responds to a better interaction with the user. Those who do not adhere to a keyboard can activate keyboard buttons. 

The activities also generate feedback. With the property of their screen, Floating Phone can be used by the blind. The device has a feature braille. Gamers are spoiled as Floating Phone can control buttons of the game outside, the smartphone is characterized by the presence of a circle at the bottom. The inner wall of the circle is tactile and easy to navigate.

Messizon Li, Yang Fan, Linghan Liu, Ke Li, Pengcheng An, Yunlong Zhu and Zhangxia Ruan are designers of Floating Phone.

Concept to revive the Dreamcast console Sega

Launched in Japan in 1998 by Sega, the Dreamcast home console has experienced a great disappointment not managing to actually win at home. More than ten years after its withdrawal from the market, the French designer Elie Ahovi wants to revive the Dreamcast.

The designer presented a concept of new generation Dreamcast called Delta. Doing justice to its name, the console has a triangular shape. Choices legitimized by the quest for originality. Dreamcast Delta is no different batch only in form, in fact, it will be the first console without a controller. To control games, gamers simply use their high-tech portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Delta should be compatible with devices running Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone. The console is meant to be unobtrusive at all levels. Indeed, it has no outlet but embeds an induction charger.

Brick, a transparent Pocket PC screen

In the future, laptops will be the size of smartphones and will have transparent touch screens. Such is the challenge designers Shaocheng Huang and Yuyin Huang. The duo has shown their vision with the concept Brick.

While it has no air, Brick is a concept laptop. Built like a smartphone, it has a rather thin body and especially a screen as transparent as glass. According to the designers, the design of a computer will evolve to give rise to advanced Pocket PC. In addition to storing and processing data, Brick can be used as a scanner, text translator and magnifying glass. For these three functions, the user simply place the glass over the text or image to be processed. Brick can also be used as a camera, camera and even pico projector.

The Brick concept was proposed to Fujitsu. For now, such a device is not feasible as all the necessary hardware can not be hidden under the opaque portion.

Logitech Cube Mouse: mouse and projector both

The manufacturer Logitech has introduced a concept a few days ago, merging the computer mouse and the pico projector in one device. The concept is called Logitech Cube Mouse.

Logitech Cube Mouse is a mouse which also serves sophisticated projector. To switch between the two modes is simple. Simply place the accessory on a table or any flat surface to use as a mouse. To enable pico projector, simply lift it. In other words, this second function is activated when the device is not in contact with a flat surface. As the surface of Cube Mouse is Touch, it replaces the scroll wheel and buttons for easy navigation. For presentations, it can also scroll through the slideshow.

Logitech Cube Mouse has a range of 25 meters. A single button can turn on and off the accessory to not waste energy. This combination mouse-pico projector will be available in black and white. Must still make it.

Assymetry, an analog watch design

Although he considers himself more as an artist specializing in 3D art and inspired by video games, designer Corry Farris has proposed a concept watch for Tokyoflash.

The concept is named Assymetry. This is an analog clock driven mainly on the theme of space stations of tomorrow. Indeed, Assymetry displays a pattern inspired by the asymmetrical space stations. It's all about mechanical and visual effects for this show. The superposition of a semi-transparent layer on the base surface painted with the pattern gives the appearance a bit mystical. The time indicator is located on another disk rotating semi-transparent, while the minute is determined by a three-band hoop. The band in the middle shows the current minute.

Asymetry, if born, should be available in black and stainless steel.

Record me: the audio post it

A piece of paper on the refrigerator door or table, here is a conventional way to leave a message. Other times other manners, a Batavian designer has found a way to revolutionize the practice.

Indeed, the designer Luc Van Hoeckel presented a concept to leave a sound instead of a note. This is a device that records the voice of an individual. Messages left are more relevant since not only is it possible to hear the voice of the person but his intonation. Called Record Me, the unit can record up to 12 messages.

Record Me is a concept for now. It is not known if the home will reach one day.

A door knob that controls the current

Quite often we go home and discover that they had left on the lights or forgot to turn off a device. This, in time, be felt on the electricity bill. A group of designers has found a potentially effective way to avoid this. 

This is a door handle like no other. Indeed, the handle is to be a device to control electricity and even gas. Upon leaving, the owner of the house or apartment is able to extinguish all light and electrical appliances from the handle; thanks to orders placed on it. The device can control only the lights, gas, or all at once.
Rho Jinhyuk, Maria Rho and Kim Eunah devised the concept.

Jan 27, 2012

Roberto Coin: new jewelry for the year of the Dragon

A truly unexpected success for the new Roberto Coin jewelry presented to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.
For the long-awaited holiday, many felt in the big Asian country, the famous fashion house Roberto Coin has fielded all its sophistication and professionalism, showing the public its new line of jewelry consists of rings and bracelets in gold, pink, yellow and diamonds.

Only ten pieces in total are available for sale in China. The fact is, however, that after the first week, the first block of production is already sold out and, therefore, the House is planning to export this new line in the other markets, increasing the circulation of the pieces.

For more information, just visit the site robertocoin.com

Moet & Chandon Tag Your Love: Champagne for Valentine's Day

These days there is much talk of the coming feast of love, which will occur as usual on February 14, which spans several weeks.

As already mentioned in other articles, the luxury house they just tend to attract the attention of customers, despite the not so rosy economic situation, they become increasingly demanding and looking for exclusivity.

In this regard, Moet & Chandon decided to present the new limited edition bottle for Valentine named Tag Your Love.

The idea is very original, with the name "Tag", wants to bind to the world of increasingly popular social networks. In the packaging of the bottle, in fact, come out with a marker that will allow cards to all lovers of "tagged" on a pink background, so as to keep the bottle with their signatures even when consumed.

The bottle in question is a Magnum Imperial Rosé, and increasingly in the package, there will be a code, put on the official website Moët & Chandon, will share his message of love with millions of users, then posting it all Facebook or sending via email.

Music for connoisseurs: the speakers come with Diamonds

For connoisseurs of luxury to present CES 2012, it certainly could not go unnoticed by the proposed new company AllJack.

Let's talk about Diamond Speakers, a speaker system enhanced with Russian diamonds, mounted on a structure made ​​entirely of wood.

The manufacturer, based in Taiwan, defined them as "the finest speakers in the world" and looking at them, we are driven to prove him right.

The design of AllJack Diamond Speakers is inspired from the barrels of wine, with special strips embellished with gold and platinum, which are embedded numerous emerald-cut diamonds.
The price is around $ 68 000.

Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster in Gold presented in Tokyo

For all lovers of sports cars and luxury, the word Lamborghini is, for many years, synonymous with quality and power at the highest levels.

As we have already seen in other previous articles, however, many people are not content only to afford a car like this gem, but tend to personalize their copy so as to make it unique and exclusive.

This year, the Salone in Tokyo, which closed on 15 January, the stand of the Liberty Walk, which for years has worked at the request of the customization of sports cars, has introduced a new Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster body with gold.

According to the revelations, this new development would not be allocated to current sales, but should only serve to attract the attention of new customers to the company, which in recent years did not have big demands.

Richard Mille RM 56 Felipe Massa

Richard Mille RM 56 Felipe Massa is the last work produced in limited edition high-end timepieces by Richard Mille.

This is a very exclusive chronograph, through its sapphire crystal, shows the fine manual-wind Tourbillon movement. The clock, as you might guess from its name, is dedicated to the Ferrari driver Felipe Massa and there are only 5 copies, with a price of $ 1.7 million well.

Only for the processing of the case of the new Richard Mille RM 56 Felipe Massa have been employed over a thousand hours, more than 430 hours to assemble and over 350 hours to finish the movement.

For now, have not yet been given full specifications of this watch, but you can say in a loud voice that will be a piece of great importance in the world of Haute Horlogerie.

Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring: limited edition for Valentine's Day

Now it is almost the most romantic holiday of the year and the luxury fashion house can not do is rush to introduce the public to their proposals.

This time, in fact, it was the turn of the prestigious fashion house Yves Saint Laurent, who on the occasion of Valentine's Day has announced a new limited edition ring: Ring the Arty.

This is a piece of jewelry destined to become the desire of the most demanding, thanks to the elegance and quality expressed through its design.

The ring Arty Ring presents a body made ​​entirely of metal with yellow gold effect, on which is mounted a cabochon fuchsia, the back is engraved with the inscription "Love".

As already mentioned, the ring in question is a limited edition, will be available in the best jewelers and will be held from 25 January on the market until the end of February.

The Maserati Quattroporte for Cameron Diaz

The beautiful actress Cameron Diaz, has been immortalized in a shot while leaving a beauty salon in Beverly Hills to climb in his luxurious Maserati Quattroporte.

The famous actress was never shown to the public with her new car, and that's how he attracted the attention of photographers, who really liked the taste of the beautiful Cameron, complimented by the luxurious automobile purchased through the articles posted on the net.

What many have appreciated, then, is the choice of relying on a model of the actress totally Made in Italy, which is leading the proud symbol of the Trident.

Zero Helicopter: A helicopter from the future of luxury

Perhaps it will remain only a stylistic exercise, but the vision of the Zero Helicopter is still dreaming, leading the imagination to travel beyond the boundaries of reality.

This futuristic and luxury new helicopter, is a project of love of Hector, who has expressed his creativity in the best way to create an aircraft with simple shapes, perhaps essential, but going to satisfy a range of users regarding wide.

This small helicopter, at one glance gives the impression of being light and flexible like a dragonfly, and though never enters in it, deserves attention from the technical point of view, since, in this case, it is very interesting and out each scheme.

Toys in gold and Swarovski crystals for the girl

A few weeks ago we have already dealt with some luxury spending Beyonce and Jay-Z for the birth of their daughter, but now back on the subject to illustrate the showy gifts received from the small.

Parents of Blue Ivy Carter, in fact, have spared no expense for their eldest daughter, as told by the New York Post, the first toys the child would even compare it to works of art and fine jewelry.

Among the gifts is a rocking horse in gold from $ 600 000 and other pieces of art for a total of $ 1.5 million.
Nothing to say, little more than can already be considered successful.

Infiniti EX37 by Vilner Studio: interior dream!

The already luxurious Infiniti EX37 has been considered by the group Vilner Studio for a review of the interior.

The result of the work was truly amazing, with the presence of high-quality materials and maximum attention to detail.

The entire interior has been modified by taking inspiration from the style adopted on luxury yachts and inside was made ​​much use of aniline leather, known for its softness and pleasantness to the touch.

Some parts, such as the dashboard, the rear view mirror and other small details are covered instead by Amaretta skin, which is also known for its excellent quality.

Here are a few photos of the spectacular work done by Vilner Studio Infiniti EX37.

iPad 2 in Gold, Platinum and Swarovski crystals

Amosu Couture presents a new version of the iPad 2 which is characterized by its brilliance and preciousness, able to attract the attention of the most demanding.

The Apple tablet in question, in fact, is covered with 24 carat gold and boasts the presence of 360 Swarovski crystals hand set on the back, they occupy the shape of the bitten apple.

For those who demand the maximum is also a platinum version, while for women there is a version covered in rose gold, each of these models can be customized with a logo or a sign to your liking.

The prices start at $ 2,800 up to a maximum of £ 5,000 for the platinum version with a custom logo.
For more information and to purchase, simply visit the site amosucouture.com

Quasar 88: a 88-meter yacht dream

Quasar 88 is the name of this stunning yacht luxury home designed by Trinity.
The boat in question tends to reach a certain position in the universe water, thanks to its spectacular features, already appearing in the exterior design.

Inside, the layout extremely large and functional, combining the opulence of the rooms that seem to be created in order to remain as-is state of the art, since it would consume a great pity.

Noteworthy is also the largest outdoor swimming pool of elliptic shape, which has been welcoming lucky guests on the main deck, there are of course the amenities to satisfy every request by the most demanding.
88 quasars, as the name suggests, is 88 meters long, and soon will take shape in the prestigious shipyards Trinity.
The price is on request. For more information just visit the site jameslist.com

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